Solar Farms – solar energy, the new cash crop

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The Solar Standard Processes (SSP) is a proprietary Solar systems solution methodology created by PCH Software Inc.,   this is the competitive advantage PCH has compared to it's solar solution system integrator competitors.


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At PCH Software we have 80 years of combined project management experience in energy sector, PCH Software team uses its proven proprietary Solar Standard Process (SPP) methodology to systematically solve and address every aspect of a solar farm implementation. We start every implementation with an assessment of specific energy needs. This includes a detailed analysis of land, its location, and governing laws and regulations. We then design the solar farm around those needs utilizing one or a selection of leading technologies, including: solar, batteries, demand managers, drone services, cloud based monitoring, security and other smart energy management devices. We don't believe in a cookie-cutter solution, so we never offer one. All PCH Software Solar Solution systems are fully custom to meet client's goals.

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